Pompeii (2014)

This summer’s historical disaster movie of choice, Pompeii – enjoy it!

AtPompeii 2014 the very least, it should be a great discussion starter: Pompeii, ‘a place of corruption, a place of temptation?’ ‘No warning? No escape?’ Hmmm… The quick thoughts of the indefatigable Prof. Mary Beard are well worth a read: ‘10 things you need to know about Pompeii‘ (better still, buy the award-wnning book).

Even though the final destruction of the city was extensive, the history of Pompeii provides much of interest to this project. The resilient Pompeians rebuilt their city after it was extensively damaged by an earthquake in AD 63, and battled through a series of preliminary seismic eruptions in the build up to the great cataclysm in AD 79.

A wealth of information can be found on Blogging Pompeii, and Virginia Campbell’s Pompeian Connections. Finally, a nice piece on the BBC website (from 2011), ‘Pompeii: Portents of Disaster‘, by Prof. Andrew Wallace-Hadrill.

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